Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Web 2 - Culture Change - StarTrek......

Thanks to those of you who read and commented on the Ebay idea. As you can see from the poll most people who commented thought it was a little interesting. Sorry about the typo - I definitely know how to spell definitely, but once the first person had voted I couldn't change it. I learned something important from that post - "Check your spelling!" Anyway I had some great emails regarding this post too - with very mixed views. One manager commented that there would need to be a culture change if staff were now expected to communicate online and that they were too busy wading through emails. Fair point, I think we are all suffering from email overload and sometimes it just isn't the best way to communicate, So maybe we need to explore the options. That still doesn't mean the ones we explore now will be the right ones either! Don't get me wrong, I am not expecting everyone now to forget the email and jump into blogging and twittering, email still has a vital role within the business. So along with others I am trying things out but don't think I am always bowled over or impressed by all the technology I see.

I was, after all, the one who many years ago was totally underwhelmed by video conferencing when others around me were so excited - I couldn't get excited, the technology was 40 years old - Captain Kirk had ship to ship live communication in the 60's. While I'm on the subject of Star Trek - Did you realise that Captain Kirk had one of the first tablet pcs too? Looks a lot different to ours BUT they read their books on it, and did their work and wrote on it too. Sound familiar?

I've started now. We have a lot to thank (or curse) Gene Roddenberry for. The mobile phone was the first piece of technology to come from Star Trek. Not far from what we have is it?

What about the hands free device? I hope he was being paid commission for his ingenuity.

Now back to the point I was originally on before I got sidetracked. We have all this web 2 technology which is supposed to be the next generation of the Web (no I'm not on about Star Trek again). But for those of you who have already been using discussion forums, groups or creating your own web pages from templates it seems to me that this supposedly new technology isn't really new, it's just been repackaged, looks fresh and has suddenly taken off big time. So don't be put off by all the new names floating about. Google them, speak to any of us in the college who can tell you a bit more and most importantly put them in context when you use them in your job.

Beam me up Scotty. (I am sick of the driving between here and Croydon let's hope the personal transporter is developed in my lifetime). Note: Before you ask. No I don't dress up in the uniforms at the weekend. Live long and Prosper friends.

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Friday, 25 January 2008

Is there a place for Ebay in education?

I spoke to Martin several weeks ago regarding the college having an Ebay account. He has suggested I put the idea out here it so that anyone can comment. Ebay is a tool I use regularly and have been very successful with and if anyone is interested in finding out more on ideas for educational use please click on the comment link below and leave a message.

Ideas for use?
  • I thought about Business first as I remember my son was involved in a business trade/young enterprise project, where students had to create a company, design, create and sell a product. Ebay would be ideal for this as the audience would be so much greater. Students would also have to consider things like postage costs and selling fees in their price too, all helps with numeracy and planning.
  • Hair and Beauty - well, you are selling a product, maybe there are local people who don't know about your salons, maybe they would bid on a "Buy-it-Now" basis for treatments as your prices are so good.
  • Routes florists - Similar thoughts.
  • Tutor groups might like to take on selling some items for a charity etc....

Anyway I'm not going to say much more on this other than please comment below - click on the comments link below and follow the instructions on screen. If you haven't got an account select anonymous. You could also complete the poll - top right of the screen to let me know what you think of the article.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Getting ready to start the Cert Ed group off blogging on Saturday. I don't think any of them have used one before, I may on the other hand be wrong. The idea is to get them to use it initially for reflective practice for the duration of this module and then hopefully to get them to introduce blogs to their own students (who again may already use them). This is another update of the existing module as the tools we use change each time it runs . It's exciting that the technology is developing so quickly. The assignment criteria the blogs relate to is to evaluate the use of 3 communication tools they have used with their students. 5 years ago we were looking at email, discussion groups and Netmeeting. Now - Well it's blogging, twittering and facebook perhaps. I must admit it's not something I am entirely comfortable with yet but as always I give it a go....... I'm apprehensive about keeping it updated and it not becoming static which will be a real challenge for me. Well, let's suck it and see as they say.......... I'll keep you posted how it goes.